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Your PhotoShow software has expired — Upgrade today!

  1. As of March 31, 2009, all PhotoShow 3 and 4 software has expired.
  2. As of May 26, 2009, all 'Nero' brand PhotoShow 5 software will expire.
  3. Get access to Roxio PhotoShow 5 and 6 by upgrading today!
  4. Bonus:Premium access to the all-new! Upgrade Now!

Just $29.99 for a full year
That's $10 off the regular price!

Burn your PhotoShows to DVD - at home!

Burn your PhotoShows to DVD — at home!

Whether you're archiving all your favorite PhotoShows to disc, or making one-of-a-kind gifts from the comfort of your own home, burning PhotoShows to DVD is one of our most popular Premium features!

Get instant access to hundreds of built-in styles and effects

Get instant access to hundreds of styles and effects.

So much more than a conventional slideshow application, our Premium product includes hundreds of licensed music tracks (from Rock to World Beats!), over 150 themed playback styles to fit any occasion and a complete library of cool graphics and stickers - many of them animated! Now you can bring your story to life like never before.

Add video to your PhotoShows!

Add video to your PhotoShows!

Unleash your creative storyteller and infuse your PhotoShows with video clips! Perfect for sharing "on the go" moments captured on your cell phone or digital camera - this feature makes it easier than ever to tell the whole story by enabling you to upload videos alongside your photos, transforming them into multimedia productions worth sharing!

Add your own MP3 music to your PhotoShows!

Add your own MP3 music to your PhotoShows!

Give your PhotoShow a soundtrack you really love and add up to 50 MP3 music tracks from your own collection to your show. It's like a personalized music video you can share with friends and family, using the songs that perfectly match your story.

Allow viewers to download your photos!

Allow viewers to download your photos!

Ever try sending 100 photos via email? Forget it. No need to burn and mail a CD either. Just make a PhotoShow and allow friends and family to save the photos to their computers right from the show! A PhotoShow is much more fun than email, and your photos will always be online for easy access.

Take PhotoShow on the road!

Take PhotoShow on the road!

For the first time ever, we've introduced an online experience that mirrors the desktop software. That means that no matter where you are in the world, you'll have access to your complete library of shows and can create new PhotoShows on the fly just by signing into your account from any PC and any web browser from anywhere in the world with an internet connection!

Premium provides more ways to share than ever before...

Premium provides more ways to share than ever before...

Invite family and friends to view your PhotoShows on your personal Roxio webpage (your shows don't expire while you're a Premium member and you can create as many PhotoShows as you like!). You can also embed your shows on your personal blog or on popular sites like MySpace and Facebook, podcast your PhotoShows, transfer shows to your iPod or mobile device of choice, burn to a DVD (or have us do it for you!) — even broadcast your priceless productions to cable TV!






Create stunning PhotoShows X X X
Enjoy unlimited photo sharing X X
PhotoShow gallery for sharing all your shows X X
Create personal Channels for organization & sharing X X
Keep your PhotoShows online and accessible 30 days 30 days* Always*
Import photos from Facebook, Flickr, Shutterfly and Picasa X X X
Upload your own video clips alongside your photos   X X
Use your own MP3 music   X
NEW!  Add multiple songs to your show! 1 1 Up to 50

PhotoShow Authoring

Add speech and thought bubbles to photos X X
Tell your story with animated captions X X
Control the timing of each individual photo X
Access playback styles for every occasion 5 16 150+
Access built-in music tracks (from World to Pop!): 8 40+ 500+
Include fun animated Stickers and Sayings 16 16 520+
Try Title Treatments to make each show different 15 75+
Add unique borders to creatively "frame" your show! 65 65

Sharing & Publishing

Email PhotoShow links for automatic viewing X X
Choose your own personal URL to display your PhotoShows X X
Publish PhotoShows online as public or private (secure) X X
Embed PhotoShows on other sites (Facebook, Blogger, etc.)   X
Broadcast PhotoShows to Time Warner Cable TV**   X
Download PhotoShows as video (MPEG4)   X
Take your PhotoShows "to go"! (Share on iPod, phone and more!)   X
Allow viewers to download photos and video clips from your shows     X
NEW!  Apply beautiful themes to your PhotoShow galleries     X

Desktop Software (Windows 7, XP & Vista)

Burn PhotoShows to DVD for TV playback   X X
Export PhotoShows to video files (MPEG2, WMV)   X X
Create Shows without waiting for upload completion   X

Mobile Software

Create and share PhotoShows from Windows Mobile phones X X
Create and share PhotoShows from Apple iPhone X X
Create and share PhotoShows from Blackberry phones X X X

*as long as you're a premium subscriber

**available in selected areas

Can I get Roxio PhotoShow today?

Yes! As someone who has enjoyed PhotoShow in the past, you are eligible to upgrade to Roxio PhotoShow 6 for just $29.99 — a savings of $10 off the regular price.

Can I try out Roxio PhotoShow before I buy the upgrade?

Yes! You can try Roxio PhotoShow today for free by visiting If you already have a PhotoShow Circle account, your username and password will be the same. If not, you can make a new account for free.

What if I don't upgrade my software to PhotoShow 6?

If you decide not to upgrade, many aspects of your PhotoShow 3 or 4 software — including PhotoShow sharing and DVD ordering — will no longer work.

What's happening to PhotoShow Circle?

PhotoShow Circle ( is the older version of Roxio's online sharing service. Roxio has recently introduced a brand-new sharing website at, and we think you'll love it!

If you previously created a PhotoShow Circle website, we have automatically migrated your account, galleries and online shows* to Your username and password remain the same.

As of March 31, 2009, the old PhotoShow Circle website at has been retired. We're automatically pointing any old links to the equivalent pages on So if your friends have previously saved any links to your online galleries and shows, we'll make sure they get redirected to the right place when they click on those old links.

* Please note: Only shows created in PhotoShow 4 or later have been migrated to If you have shared shows using PhotoShow 3 or earlier, those shows are no longer available online.

Why doesn't my PhotoShow 3 or 4 software work anymore?

PhotoShow 3 and PhotoShow 4 software will continue to work as normal until March 31. After that, the following aspects of the software will not work:

  1. Online sharing of photos and PhotoShows/li>
  2. Photo print, gift and DVD ordering
  3. Your PhotoShow Circle website, which has automatically been migrated to

What if I am using Nero PhotoShow 5 Express or Deluxe?

Nero PhotoShow users should also read the FAQ on our support site.

Is it too late to upgrade to Roxio PhotoShow?

You can upgrade your PhotoShow service at any time! As someone who's used PhotoShow before, you are eligible for a special discounted rate ($10 off) on your first year's subscription.

How does the Roxio PhotoShow "subscription" work?

Roxio PhotoShow includes a year's subscription to the PhotoShow Premium Service at Your subscription starts the day that you purchase your upgrade, and it lasts for one year. As an existing PhotoShow customer, you are eligible for a special discounted rate on the first year's subscription. After a year, your subscription will renew at the regular price ($39.99).

How is different from PhotoShow Circle?

Like PhotoShow Circle, is a website where you can share your PhotoShows with friend and family. You can arrange your shows into galleries (now called "channels"). In addition, you can create shows online at, without using the PhotoShow software! With a Premium account at, you'll have access to all the styles, music and clipart stickers found in the desktop software. And just like at PhotoShow Circle, your friends won't see any third-party ads when they come to view your shows.

Has my personal PhotoShow web URL changed?

As of the retirement of PhotoShow Circle on March 31, we have automatically moved your personal PhotoShow web URL from to For example, if your old PhotoShow URL was:

Then your new URL is:

If you have bookmarked your old URL, be sure to update it. If at any time you'd like to change your personal PhotoShow web URL, you can do this on the My Account page at

Which versions of PhotoShow are eligible for the upgrade to PhotoShow 6?

If you have PhotoShow 4 or later installed on your PC, you can upgrade to Roxio PhotoShow 6 with the same PC. Your upgrade includes access to Roxio's PhotoShow 5 software, as well as the all-new PhotoShow 6. Both PhotoShow 5 and PhotoShow 6 will allow you to import all the PhotoShows on your hard drive that were created in PhotoShow 4.

If you've been using PhotoShow 3 or earlier, you are also eligible for the upgrade to Roxio PhotoShow 6. However, any PhotoShows that you created in this older version will not be able to be imported into Roxio PhotoShow 6.

Where can I download the PhotoShow 5 and PhotoShow 6 software?

After you have upgraded your account, you can download your new PhotoShow software from the My Account page on Also on the My Account page is your PhotoShow 5 license key, which you'll be asked to enter when you run the installer.

What's the difference between PhotoShow 5 and PhotoShow 6?

When you upgrade to Roxio PhotoShow, you'll get access to both PhotoShow 5 and PhotoShow 6 software.

PhotoShow 5 takes everything you love about PhotoShow and adds more music, more styles, and great new features like burning shows to DVD. If you've been PhotoShow 3 or PhotoShow 4, we recommend that you install PhotoShow 5.

Your upgrade also includes the all-new Photoshow 6, a lightweight application that makes it easy for you to create and share great looking PhotoShows. You can install both PhotoShow 5 and PhotoShow 6 on your Windows PC.

When I upgrade my software, will my old shows be imported?

When you install PhotoShow 5, any shows created in PhotoShow 4 will automatically be imported during the install process.

If you install PhotoShow 6, you can also import your shows from PhotoShow 4. Here's how:

  1. Install and launch the PhotoShow 6 application.
  2. From the File menu, select Import PhotoShows...
  3. In the dialog which appears, select a PhotoShow and click Import.
  4. The show will be imported into PhotoShow 6 and saved as a .photoshow file in your My PhotoShows folder.

To learn more about importing and exporting shows, please see our Import/Export FAQ.

What are the system requirements for Roxio PhotoShow 6?

PhotoShow 5 and PhotoShow 6 require Windows 7, XP or Vista. Please see the Roxio support site for a full list of system requirements.